Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All progressives at least TRY to be antiracist

Yes, I'm accusing the antiwar movement of taking a hypocritical position about their normal intention to stand against racism. I'm confident we progressives can see the need to question our own ability to properly perceive what is in the interest of oppressed races. 
Americans as a culture currently love being lied to and are committed to being ignorant These are both very, very ugly traits. It behooves activists to guard against falling into such terrible behavior.
Ask yourself, if it was admitted far and wide Muslins didn't do 9/11, wouldn't this undercut the rampant Islamophobia?
Don't claim that because such an admission won't completely  eradicate Islamophobia that there's no reason to try to make some headway in the right direction.
The mosques have a better excuse to be cautious. The FBI is diligent on this point.
Sisters and brothers, if we don't resist insistence by those with power that Muslims be assumed to be the terrorists in the major political event of our time, WE WILL LOSE OUR ABILITY TO RESIST.
Look at the evidence
The patriot act OBVIOUSLY was prepared before 9/11.
The towers fell straight down. Symmetrical collapse MEANS every point equidistant from the ground would lose ALL of its support INSTANTANEOUSLY. That's all you need to prove explosives were used. Can you find a person competent in science to say otherwise? Don’t have them address something I didn’t say.
AE911Truth.org has nearly 1500 architects and engineers calling for a real investigation after saying the destruction of the towers was by controlled demolition. I'm very active and have founded 5 public outreach teams there.
It's founder, Richard Gage AIA, has spoken in a mosque in New Jersey and is happy to even visit more.
Enver Masud is an engineering management consultant and the most daring Muslim in America. Very soft-spoken in tone, Mr Masud lays out his suspicions about the lies presented about the Pentagon, Flight 93, and the World Trade Center in his free book "9/11 Unveiled", and at TheWisdom Fund website TWF.org.
Since Mr Masud is of the same faith as oppressed Muslims, he should be welcome to speak at future United National Antiwar Committee rallies.
Many leading American Muslims treat Mr Masud with respect, but they are too intimidated to have him speak at their mosques. Demand real freedom of assembly and speech for American Muslims!
I am happy to help arrange speaking by both Mr. Gage and Mr. Masud.
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